Welcome to FAD 2014

For the twelfth time, it´s time for FAD, which this year will be held in Hässleholm on the 1st of November.

How far is it to go before we open the gates


For those of you who have never been to FAD or are a little curious in general, here´s some background information.
The idea comes from the western part of Sweden and the geocacher Hedberg is the " father" of this event, which over the years has become the largest and, yet, only Mega-Event in Sweden. The main focus is on night caching where there are some special caches to find, some are just temporary but some will stay afterwards. In November, the darkness falls early and the caches are usually released around 17-18 o'clock. You have the whole evening to search, before gathering again at 22 o'clock. But now we are jumping ahead.

A great part of FAD is about the social side, during daytime you meet a lot of those cachers whose nicknames you have only seen in the log books before and you have also the possibility to attend classes and shop till you drop at the exhibitors who are present. You are not required to attend all activites, you can of course pick the goodies you want during the daytime/evening. If you feel like just going to lectures or generally mingle around, it is perfectly permissible. :)

Historically, FAD has appeared in slightly different guises. It all started with a small event in 2003 with 15 participants and has over the years grown. We currently expect between 800-1000 visitors this year. Other FADs had also side-events, some with technical focus. This year we go "just" for a Mega-Event.
We, as organizers, hope that this year will give our visitors that extra experience that only a FAD can provide.
A warm welcome!